All your accounts in one place

With Tradetomato, your entire portfolio, trading insights, and market data are aggregated in a single interface.

Connect to & aggregate all your centralized & decentralized exchanges, wallets, and other crypto services
Gain detailed insights into your performance and manage everything in one interface
Use our advanced portfolio management tools to track all your assets, configure risk settings and rebalance your portfolio

Customizable Dashboard

Our modular dashboard is completely customizable to your liking. Using widgets you can select what you see, when you see it and how you see it!

Easily track the performance of your modules
Get access to advanced analytics and metrics
Monitor order history, trade metrics, performance, and make quick adjustments where necessary
Customizable dashboard
Live data feeds

Live Data Feeds

Stay on top of the market with our data feeds, featuring a large variety of data sources.

Access live price feeds and aggregated market data
Dive into on-chain data and advanced blockchain analytics, and make more data driven decisions
Explore a range of sentiment data, including community generated market predictions